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  1. Umbach MD & Holly
    Umbach MD & Holly

    The M4PH collar worked so well on my dog so I also tried it on my 5 year old Maine Coon cat Bella. Amazing! She is so much more playful.

  2. Umbach MD & Holly
    Umbach MD & Holly

    Our German Shepherd, Cadia, is about 9 years old and was starting to slow down due to arthritis. She was on medication but it wasn’t working very well. We put the collar on her and stopped the meds over six months ago. Ever since then she has had the energy of a 2 year old.

  3. Bill

    When Tsuba (a large Akita) was young she fell off a wall and injured her hip. She is now 13 and for the past few years she has had severe arthritis. Sometimes we have had to help her get up. She was on medication that cost $150 a month with little effect. After trying the collar, within a week, she acted like a new dog. She walks twice a day now and plays with a ball again. I am grateful for the collar.

  4. Mirkil MD
    Mirkil MD

    Both of my poodles, Kelly and Nicky, started to show some reduced energy and mobility. After putting a collar on both of them, within a day they both seemed to have more energy and were able to run and jump with greater ease and agility.

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