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  1. Jasie

    Jasie limps a lot. I think it is arthritis. Since I put the collar on her, she can walk better and plays more now too. She is twelve years old, and I just figured she was getting old. But now has some new life in her again. Thank you so much for this wonderful collar.

  2. Kim

    I’ve been a runner for years but had to give it up because of arthritis in my toes. In the morning I would hang onto things when I first got out of bed. One night I tried wearing the collar, (that was supposed to be for my dog), on my ankle and went to bed. The next morning got up and walked across the room without even thinking. I didn’t have to hang onto anything. I’m now back running again and training for marathons. No way will I let anyone pry this band off of me!

  3. Tom

    I sometimes do 8 to 10 surgeries per day. Although I don’t wear the band during surgery, it goes right back on after. Standing all day in my line of work I get shoulder and back pain. After putting the band back on, it completely goes away. The product also helps my wife Holly who suffers from joint pain that she had since she was a child. Great Product!!!

  4. Jill

    I was suffering from severe neck pain for years and on pain medication that made me feel foggy all the time. About a year ago I was introduced to this fantastic healing collar at a convention and decided to give it a try. I hated taking the pain medication because it made me feel foggy. I didn’t take any medication the first night of wearing the band and was astonished that I woke up not in pain. I’ve been wearing it ever since. If I take it off and forget to put it back on, the pain comes back so I don’t take it off!

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