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  1. Glenice

    Annie was a rescue dog, that unfortunately, was beaten by her previous owner. She was extremely shy and afraid of people. She also had bladder problems that may have been caused by stress. What a difference in her personality after wearing the collar. She is such a sweet dog now. Bladder issues went away and she's very friendly.

  2. Kym

    The first thing I did was put a collar on Zoie, my 7 year old female Shis-Tzu. I let her get used to it for a few minutes and let her down to walk. OH MY GOSH, not only did she walk, but she didn’t fall down, and walked across the patio. I was in tears to see her moving at all. It’s been about three weeks now and Zoie is walking out to go potty and barking, (which she hadn’t done for a long time.)

  3. Roger

    Boomer is a 15 year old Shih Tzu. He walked for several years with a limp and was unable to jump up on anything. After placing a collar on Boomer, the next morning there was no sign of a limp and he was acting like he was many years younger. No more stairs needed to get up on the bed. He can jump up all by himself.

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