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  1. Mary Ellen
    Mary Ellen

    These WORK! I have tried them for several months. My 12 year old English Setter, Chase, now acts 3 years younger!

  2. Jill

    My 14 year old Toy Rat Terrier dog, Peanut, was falling every time he tried to jump on the couch. After putting the collar on, he was able to jump up again the very same day. The most surprising effect was that it also eliminated his anxiety. He would shake when I would leave the house. He was stressed around the grandkids. Now he’s not afraid to lay next to them at night and he no longer shakes when I leave the house.

  3. Dennis

    My two Chihuahuas, Fabio and Fabiana, are also wearing the collars. Fabio had a tumor on one leg and could hardly walk. The doctor wanted to remove the leg but I just couldn’t accept that. I put the collar on Fabio, and no lie, he was jumping around like a puppy in only a few minutes. They have all been wearing the collars for a over a year now and it is unbelievable the energy they have.

  4. Dennis

    My pet, Tiara, is 1/2 Snow Leopard and 1/2 Ocelot. She is 14 and was very lethargic, sleeping all the time and not friendly. When I put the collar on her, within minutes she completely changed. Now acts like a two year old.

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