Make Yourself A Band


The healing benefits work on people also.  Both Roger and Boomer benefit from this amazing product.  Make a band for yourself with a butterfly clip.




Step One

Step 1

Open buckle and lay upside down.  Insert strap corner first at an angle with paw prints down (upside down).



Step Two

Step 2

Be sure the strap is straight and leave a tiny space between the end of the strap and the back wall of the clasp or it won’t close easily.



Step Three

Step 3

Push down on the clasp, with the teeth, until you hear a click.  If you need to open it to readjust, place a pointy object in the hole to pry it open.



Step Four

Step 4

Close both ends of the clasp.



Step Five

Step 5

Place on your wrist and mark the strap in the middle of the first clasp.


Step Six

Step 6

Cut the marked strap with the scissors and repeat previous steps to attach the other end.



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